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My name is Paul Wookey,   I'm a Bournemouth based independent creative TV producer/editor of 20 years. I have had a career in Television and media both in front of and behind the camera.

I lost my wife to cancer a few years ago leaving myself and my 7 year old daughter to pick up the pieces. During that early period I found it extremely hard to create a moving and emotional memorial video which was played at her Funeral. It received a lot of positive feedback and I was on occasion asked to produce more for those seeking a way to find closure and deal with their own grief.

As Heart-breaking  as it is, I enjoy the process of creating these respectful and emotive videos knowing I am helping people, It feels like now is the time to do something good and positive in my life and give back to those individuals wanting to preserve the memory of the loved ones. 

Whether its very recent or a few years ago I will bring those memories to life with the upmost respect and understanding of what your wishes will be. I will create for all religions and beliefs and will work closely with you to create something beautiful . I will even produce videos for your pets!


What is Memoreel?.

Memoreel is a content creation service that produces beautiful and respectful video tributes for loved ones who have died. We connect directly with Funeral directors and consultants and allow them to be the gatekeeper to our platform

The client will essentially upload photographs, video clips and choice of music for our team to edit and produce very emotive and engaging content. This content can be used to play at a funeral, memorial or even the wake and is perfect to share with family and friends via social media. The Perfect keep sake that can be watched forever.

Contact your local funeral director and find out how we can help you say goodbye and celebrate an incredible life.

"Things end, but memories last forever.
When someone you loves becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure".

Blue Smoke

"I fully understand how difficult it is to deal with the arrangements of a funeral, during the bereavement period. Let me build that relationship with you and take all those photographs and videos you have of them and produce something that will last forever. "

Founder - Paul Wookey



Memoreel is an incredible concept, I've been in the Funeral business for many years and have never come across a such a unique business idea. We will always use Paul for future content.

Low Cost Forte Funerals

 It’s amazing to hear that you offer the opportunity to preserve the memory of loved ones who have died.

Macmillan Corporate.

The current alternative in local chapels are fairly basic slideshows of photos or family-made videos uploaded, but yours are a level above, for sure.

Rob Hazel - Celebrant

Paul is a very talented and respectful individual. He captures beautiful moments and always goes out of his way to create wonderful memoreels. 

Wendy Harrington - Celebrant


EMAIL   memoreel@mail.com

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